Ideal solution for specialized or urgent goods

Ideal solution for specialized or urgent goods

Time Critical Road Freight is a suitable solution for moving goods required to arrive at a location within a strict deadline requirement.

Daily vehicle availability

IB Cargo offers you daily availability for specialized vehicles available to travel within Europe, so you can support your clients or partners with fast deliveries.

Variety of vehicles

Together with our subcontractors we can offer a variety of vehicles with total weight of maximum 3.5to – vehicles excepted from driving rules applicable to AVIA or trucks. Maximum payload can vary between 1000 and 1300kg and available floor space is between 5 to 10 euro pallets.

Just In Time Delivery

This service puts the customer in full control of the schedule by placing a fleet of vehicles at your disposal anywhere your cargo is in Europe. Your urgent cargo is loaded where you want, when you want, in suitable vehicle, and with the extra amenities you choose. Delivery time is estimated in number of hours.

Spot Delivery

The fastest solution available for your type and kind of goods, will be provided and booked according to your needs.

Average Transit Times


that require time critical services

Spare Parts
Research & Development
Hi-Tech & Electronics
Oil, Gas & Energy

Required Info

when asking for a time critical quotation