Project Cargo


Your shipment appears too large?

Project cargo forwarding requires professional experience and flexibility

We know that time is precious so we are here to help you gain time, spend less money and take care of your business. This is why our team is also trained and specialized in custom clearance facilities services that we can offer you. Whenever you’re in need of these services, be sure to ask our team and they will offer you the best options together with managing all the paperwork.


We can offer charter services from and to any destination. Also, our clients can access tailor made air freight services for any type of oversized cargo, considering their special requirements.


We can offer you the appropriate equipment for any type of oversized cargo: open top containers, flat rack or platforms.


Our specialized team will carefully plan every step of your oversized transports, from routes to documentation, escort, warehousing or delivery to your door.

Non-containerised load

We can design solutions for your non containerized load. Our specialists will safely find appropriate equipments that fit your oversized cargo such as: turbines, vehicles, platforms or other products.

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