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IB Cargo shipping business reached 7.5 million euros in Q1, plus 32%

The company completed last year with a turnover of over 25.6 million euros, compared to a turnover of 22 million euros the previous year. IB Cargo, which delivers goods to customers in the automotive, FMCG, agriculture and other sectors, completed the first quarter of this year with a turnover of 7.5 million euros, up 32% from the same period last year. last year, according to company officials. “We performed over 11,600 transports (air, sea, road) for about 1,300 customers in the first quarter. The maritime groupings (LCL) for customers in the pharma and those via the Trans-Siberian train and the time critical services for automobiles have increased the most “, said for ZF Cătălin Putineanu, managing director of IB Cargo.

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Chicago – Brașov, în 36 de ore

Chicago – Brasov, in 36 hours

On Friday, November 20, around 24:00, the air transport department received an email with a request from a partner in the USA for a cargo that had to arrive in Romania as soon as possible. On Saturday morning, it was noticed that through the solution given by the partner from the USA, the goods would have reached the customer in Romania during Monday, which was very late. We discussed with the client and the partner in the USA to find a solution so that the goods arrive faster. OBC transport solutions were sought and the solution proposed by IB Cargo was chosen. The OBC transport was performed on the Chicago-Budapest-Brașov route because customs were needed during the weekend, and in Romania it was impossible. Everything went as planned, and the goods reached the customer in about 36 hours, 2 hours faster than estimated. The client was very satisfied with the choice made and the quality of the services offered and will contact us for other projects.

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