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Imports from China affected by a new Covid wave

China – affected by a new wave of COVID The war in Ukraine continues to affect the transport of goods The covid cases in China have tripled, which is why, since this week, new strict measures have been imposed to combat the virus. The Chinese policy regarding Covid is “tolerance 0”, thus quarantine measures have been imposed. Imports by sea, train and air from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Yantian will be affected this week and at least next. Shenzhen is in quarantine and activity has been stopped in most factories and warehouses, except those that provide essential services shipments

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The impact of the conflict in Ukraine on freight transport

Airlines start to apply a war surcharge Constanta Port is congested by containers destined for Ukraine Trains from China to Europe will be affected by reduced capacity Most of the road transport to Ukraine and Russia is suspended AIR The current situation in Ukraine and the closure of Russian airspace for EU carriers have resulted in a significant increase in costs and operational problems. To partially compensate for these additional costs, the main airlines, from the second week of March 2022, will apply a war surcharge for all goods that have Asia origin or destination. This additional fee will be

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How international cargo transport is affected because of the war in Ukraine

All types of transport are affected by the conflict situation in Ukraine The war in Ukraine impacts the entire supply chain, leading to blockages, congestion, price increases on all types of transport, goods and fuel. Here is part of the impact so far on types of transport: Sea: The shipping lines have decided to suspend all ship stopovers in Ukraine, starting today, February 25, until further notifications; Space bookings on vessels to/from Odessa are suspended; Goods that are already on their way to Ukraine will be redirected to other ports. Depending on the loading port, they can be directed through:

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