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Constanta Port is congested

Major congestion in Constanta port due to containers destined for Ukraine   Since the war in Ukraine began, most of the containers destined for this country have been discharged in Constanta port, which led to a major congestion of the port, both Agigea terminal (CSCT) and SOCEP. At this time there are delays in operation and delivery, for all containers, regardless of destination. The warehouses in Constanta are also congested, most of them refusing to receive goods. In the next period, in order to avoid delays and blockages in the delivery of your maritime imports, we invite you to take

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Quarantine in Shanghai, China has been extended indefinitely

Shanghai has been quarantined in stages since March 28, with the latest restrictions initially announced to end on April 5. The reporting of more than 73,000 positive covid-19 infections, and the Chinese policy of 0 cases are the reasons why the city with over 25 million inhabitants and important industrial hub, remains blocked indefinitely.   The Shanghai quarantine has been extended indefinitely, thus impacting the sea and air transports in the area. Almost all of Shanghai is now blocked; residents cannot leave their homes. Most warehouses are closed. Part of the factories and the port operates in “closed loop” conditions,

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Shanghai – esalonated quarantine

Shanghai – imposes a quarantine on the background of the spread of a new wave of COVID China is facing a large spread of the Covid-19 virus, with more than 5,550 cases reported nationwide on Saturday. The Chinese policy regarding Covid-19, is still tolerant 0 cases, so after the quarantine of Shenzhen,  an economically strategic city, at the beginning of this month, now Shanghai, another major industrial hub with over 25 million inhabitants, will be quarantined in 2 stages, to allow mass testing for Covid-19 cases as follows: 28.03 – 1.04  Shanghai Pudong area is quarantined (east of the Huangpu River)

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