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Reporting of road transports in e-Transport – mandatory from 1.07.2022

RO e-transport system – impact on importers and exporters From July 1, 2022, the obligation to report road transport of products that are fiscally risky in the e-transport system enters into force. The importers and exporters directly concerned by the new system are those who sell the following categories of goods: Vegetables, plants, roots and tubers, food, falling within CN codes 0701 to 0714 inclusive  Edible fruits;  peel of citrus or melons falling within CN codes 0801 to 0814 inclusive Beverages, alcoholic liquids and vinegar**, falling within CN codes 2201 to 2208 inclusive Salt;  sulfur; earths and stones; plaster, lime

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Shanghai is out of quarantine

The quarantine that began in  March in Shanghai is over. The effects of Shanghai production shutdown on supply chains have spread across the country and around the world, impacting the supply of critical components. The ships began operating again in Constanta port, the degree of congestion decreasing to 80%. Shanghai: The quarantine started in March in Shanghai has ended. It is estimated that weeks or even months will pass before economic activity returns to normal, given previous experiences: For example in Wuhan, it took almost 1 year for the economy to recover from damage caused by the Covid outbreak and quarantine

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Imports from China – impacted by the Covid crisis

Imports from China – low volumes of goods and reduced maritime space, until mid-June Shanghai – is still in quarantine Shipping lines have announced “blank sailings” by  mid-June Due to the extensive Covid quarantine under which China is still located, the volume of goods available for exports from this region has decreased considerably. The shipping lines have already reduced traffic from Chinese ports, many of them announcing “blank sailings” in several Chinese ports, until the middle of JUNE. Covid-19 situation in Shanghai: Shanghai is still in quarantine, although Covid cases are declining, but control policy is even stricter now than last

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