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iB Cargo launches a new maritime groupage line

iB Cargo launches a new maritime groupage line in Nansha (Guangzhou district, China) Why Nansha? It is an important export hub for Romania and the whole world, which will develop even more in the next period Export operations are more flexible than in other ports Export formalities for liquid, chemical and battery goods are easier Fees for local services are competitive Benefits of importing from Nansha Reducing costs  by  optimizing the  routing and consolidation location for goods with origin: Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Zhuhai, Yangjiang, Shantou, Chongqing, Chengdu, Changsha  Transit time: 30 days port – port Departures to Constanta: every

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Efficiently coordinated goods transports bring you competitive advantages

We live in a constantly changing world where in order to reach and maintain the leading position in a certain industry you need a dedicated, creative team, suitable partnerships in which all parties benefit, transparency, creativity and a lot of work. Competitive advantage is hard to win, easy to lose, and then you need to exploit all the perspectives and resources that can support you. If you import or export or if you have volumes of goods to transport in Romania or Europe, through intelligent and efficient logistics you can gain competitive advantages, save time and save resources. The transport

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Reporting of road transports in e-Transport – mandatory from 1.07.2022

RO e-transport system – impact on importers and exporters From July 1, 2022, the obligation to report road transport of products that are fiscally risky in the e-transport system enters into force. The importers and exporters directly concerned by the new system are those who sell the following categories of goods: Vegetables, plants, roots and tubers, food, falling within CN codes 0701 to 0714 inclusive  Edible fruits;  peel of citrus or melons falling within CN codes 0801 to 0814 inclusive Beverages, alcoholic liquids and vinegar**, falling within CN codes 2201 to 2208 inclusive Salt;  sulfur; earths and stones; plaster, lime

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