The situation of imports from China at the beginning of 2022

Do you have any goods to import from Ningbo or Xi’an, China at the beginning of this year?

Updated information on Chinese imports can optimize your shipment:

  • Ningbo is fighting another Covid-19 outbreak;
  • Xi’an has been in lockdown since the end of Dec 2021 and the railway terminal is blocked;
  • At present, especially in Ningbo, many factories cannot deliver goods as planned;
  • In the next period, shipments from Ningbo will be very difficult to organize, the shipping lines can skip Ningbo port, and many factories will soon start their Chinese New Year holiday (CNY)

New cases of Covid-19 were discovered in Ningbo Beilun terminal at 1 Jan 2022, and in the following days, until today, a total of ~255 cases were detected in Ningbo and ~501 in Zhejiang. This situation has added delays to road transport across China, as trucks from Ningbo cannot go to neighboring cities. Trucks from other cities may enter Ningbo, but later drivers must stay in quarantine for 14 days before they can return to the city from where they came. Most drivers are not willing to enter Ningbo or charge extremely high fees for this service.


Parts of the Beilun district have gone into isolation. Beilun is the place where some of the busiest container terminals in Ningbo are located.


On the Yangtze route, China’s longest river and a key industrial artery, about 200 sailors were placed in quarantine in the last week, after two of them were tested positive Covid-19