The impact of the conflict in Ukraine on freight transport

  • Airlines start to apply a war surcharge
  • Constanta Port is congested by containers destined for Ukraine
  • Trains from China to Europe will be affected by reduced capacity
  • Most of the road transport to Ukraine and Russia is suspended


The current situation in Ukraine and the closure of Russian airspace for EU carriers have resulted in a significant increase in costs and operational problems. To partially compensate for these additional costs, the main airlines, from the second week of March 2022, will apply a war surcharge for all goods that have Asia origin or destination.

This additional fee will be applied to the chargeable weight and will be approximately USD 0,20 / EUR 0,18 (or local currency equivalent) per kilogram. The surcharge will remain in force until it can be restored to normal operation.



Currently, the Port of Constanta is congested by goods destined for Ukraine. All the containers that had to reach Odessa are now unloaded in Constanta, making operations more difficult.

To these are added the unfavorable weather conditions of the last days, which slow down the handling of goods in the port.


RAIL China – Europe

Trains from China to Europe have been running normally so far, but will be affected by reduced capacity as the economic sanctions and the SWIFT payment ban imposed on Russia begin to make their effects felt.

It is possible that operators will soon impose a war surcharge on this segment as well. We recommend that you contact your insurers to ckeck the war clauses and to reduce the direct impact on you.



Most of the road transport to / from Ukraine and Russia is suspended.

The price of fuel is rising.