Shanghai is out of quarantine

  • The quarantine that began in  March in Shanghai is over.

  • The effects of Shanghai production shutdown on supply chains have spread across the country and around the world, impacting the supply of critical components.

  • The ships began operating again in Constanta port, the degree of congestion decreasing to 80%.


  • The quarantine started in March in Shanghai has ended. It is estimated that weeks or even months will pass before economic activity returns to normal, given previous experiences: For example in Wuhan, it took almost 1 year for the economy to recover from damage caused by the Covid outbreak and quarantine in 2020.
  • The Shanghai Covid outbreak was not as severe as the one in Wuhan, but Shanghai’s economy is bigger and more connected to global supply chains. Shanghai and its provinces are a key hub of Chinese industry, with many car and electronics manufacturers located there to quickly access the port.
  • Truck traffic has begun to increase gradually as the city relaxes restrictions for drivers, but is now at 30% from the 2019 average.

Constanta Port:

  • The ships began to operate again in the port of Constanta, but with difficulty. The congestion rate  of the port decreased  from 99.7% to 80%.

Solutions for imports from China:

Once production is opened, outstanding orders and new ones will generate massive congestion on all transport routes.

For imports from China that you plan to do in the next period, we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible. At the moment we have viable import solutions:

  • sea – both groupage and complete container
  • rail on the  trans-Siberian train – both groupage and full container
  • Air