Shanghai – esalonated quarantine

Shanghai – imposes a quarantine on the background of the spread of a new wave of COVID

China is facing a large spread of the Covid-19 virus, with more than 5,550 cases reported nationwide on Saturday.

The Chinese policy regarding Covid-19, is still tolerant 0 cases, so after the quarantine of Shenzhen,  an economically strategic city, at the beginning of this month, now Shanghai, another major industrial hub with over 25 million inhabitants, will be quarantined in 2 stages, to allow mass testing for Covid-19 cases as follows:

  • 28.03 – 1.04
    •  Shanghai Pudong area is quarantined (east of the Huangpu River)
  • 1.04 – 5.04
    • Shanghai  Puxi area  will be quarantined  (west of the Huangpu River)

During the quarantine period, residents are forbidden to leave their homes, the public transport is suspended as well as road freight transport.

  • Shanghai port, the world’s largest, will keep operations open during  quarantine
  • Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG) and  Hongqiao Airport (SHA) will be affected by the quarantine

How  the import operations in the main Chinese hubs are going:

  • Shenzhen
    • All blockages have been lifted, operations are are beginning to return to normal
  • Tianjin
    • Most  districts are closed, mass Covid-19 testing continues. There are chances that the situation will be remedied by the end of this week
    • Shippers may not be able to load the goods according to the schedule
  • Qingdao
    •  Shippers may not be able to  load the goods as planned due to local blockages
    •  Road transport is made more difficult by the request PCR tests for drivers
  • Dalian
    •  Shippers may not be able to  load the goods as  planned because  of local blockages
  • Xiamen
    • Some districts such as Quanzhou/Zhangzhou are facing blockages
    • Shippers may  not be able to load the goods according to the schedule
  • Guangzhou
    • Operations proceed normally
  • Ningbo
    • Operations proceed normally
  • Hong Kong
    • Operations proceed normally