Imports from China affected by a new Covid wave

  • China – affected by a new wave of COVID

  • The war in Ukraine continues to affect the transport of goods

The covid cases in China have tripled, which is why, since this week, new strict measures have been imposed to combat the virus. The Chinese policy regarding Covid is “tolerance 0”, thus quarantine measures have been imposed.

Imports by sea, train and air from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Yantian will be affected this week and at least next.

  • Shenzhen
    • is in quarantine and activity has been stopped in most factories and warehouses, except those that provide essential services
    • shipments to / from Hong Kong has been restricted, because the city reported on Monday 26,908 Covid cases and 249 deaths.
    • public transport was restricted
  • Shanghai
    • the port is operational
    • several industrial centers in Changchun and Jilin are closed
    • Pudong Airport (PVG) will be closed for passenger flights. Freight flights will remain available, but the capacity will be reduced for flights to / from PVG, and fares may be increased.
    • some suppliers outside of Shanghai are not allowed to enter the city, such as those from Yangzhou, Taichang, Lianyungang
  • Qingdao
    • the situation is similar to Shanghai – the port is operational and some of the suppliers from other regions have a restriction of entry into the city

The conflict in Ukraine continues to affect freight transport

  • Fuel prices have increased, which directly affects transport costs
  • To reduce costs, shipping lines slow down the speed of navigation to reduce fuel consumption, resulting in delays
  • Shipping lines charge emergency surcharges, which increase costs for the recipients of the goods
  • Air fares have reduced validity, change frequently (2-3 times a week)
  • Most of the goods destined for the Black Sea ports affected by the war are unloaded in Constanta Port, thus leading to its congestion. From this, part of the goods are delivered by road to the destination countries, except Russia / Ukraine.