Efficiently coordinated goods transports bring you competitive advantages

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We live in a constantly changing world where in order to reach and maintain the leading position in a certain industry you need a dedicated, creative team, suitable partnerships in which all parties benefit, transparency, creativity and a lot of work.

Competitive advantage is hard to win, easy to lose, and then you need to exploit all the perspectives and resources that can support you. If you import or export or if you have volumes of goods to transport in Romania or Europe, through intelligent and efficient logistics you can gain competitive advantages, save time and save resources.

The transport of goods, either import or export, coordinated by the right partners, specialists in their field and helped by the latest technology, creates competitive advantages. These are part of the advantages of working with iB Cargo: www.ibcargo.com

In the world of goods transport, it is not enough to move the goods from point A to B, but it is necessary to be a reliable partner for customers, to bring added value to their businesses, to constantly develop to be able to constantly offer the best solutions.

iB Cargo has a culture of continuous improvement, at the level of processes, operations, people. Thus, iB Cargo customers get the best experiences. Outsourcing transport and logistics to iB Cargo, customers have the guarantee of a quality service, reliable that things happen as agreed, support, flexibility and attention to every detail.No alt text provided for this image

Starting this fall, iB Cargo’s overseas customers, that is, those who have maritime or air imports and exports, are gaining time and visibility, thus having the opportunity to plan better and faster the future of their business. When you can measure things, when you have transparency and visibility at a click away, you can improve and optimize.

No alt text provided for this imageiB Cargo offers these things through a customer portal. Access is secured by user and password, and each client company can have several users, each having set the visibility panel according to interest and needs. Thus, operational users can place book-ings, track shipments, view track & trace notifications directly connected to most sea and air lines, view transport history, loads, origins, destinations, upload and view transport documents; and those in the financial area, for example, can view the history related to their area of expertise: invoices/shipments, payments, due dates.

To receive access to this tool, overseas customers can request this from the iB Cargo representative they are in contact with.

When choosing your partner for the transports you plan, it is important to analyze the entire package of benefits, integrity, flexibility and transport solutions. Attention to these details supports you to gain competitive advantages in a constantly moving world. iB Cargo specialists are at your disposal to test personalized services that bring you long-term value: orders@ibcargo.com.