Cătălin Putineanu, IB Cargo: About retailers and developing sales channels

The IB Cargo shipping company, which delivers goods for 2,000 customers, ran a 22 million euro business year, up 16% on the previous year, and for 2017 the company aims to increase %, to over 24 million euros.

Most of IB Cargo’s customers are automotive, then industrial equipment companies, FMCG, chemicals, fashion, agriculture, electronics, pharma. IB Cargo currently has over 2,000 customers, increasing their number by 5-10% annually.

Along with electronics, the most important business for IB Cargo is the one with the car industry for which it transports both to Romania and for export.

“IB Cargo has customers of all types of companies, from the smallest to the largest with a multinational presence, each with its own specifics to which you have to adapt in order to be able to bring them with you. true added value. The industries are also varied: automotive, industrial equipment, FMCG, chemicals, fashion, agriculture, electronics, pharma. About 27% of the business comes from industries such as automotive, FMCG and fashion, a percentage directly proportional to the order in which they were mentioned “, said Cătălin Putineanu, shareholder and managing director of the transport company IB Cargo.

When exported by road, the company transported many subassemblies for Renault Talisman from Romanian manufacturers to France. It also imports from Asia and South America elements for exhaust systems produced here and which are subsequently exported to Renault, Nissan, BMW or Volkswagen.