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IB Cargo: double turnover

In just three years of activity on the profile market in Romania, the freight forwarding company IB Cargo has doubled its turnover, and the obtained profit from last year has been three times bigger than the one in 2009. Established on February 2008, through a coommon investition of the Interfacht company from Germany and Beyer Logistiek company from Holand, IB Cargo has had, in the same year, a turnover of EUR 2.5 millions, while in 2009 and 2010 the company recorded turnovers of EUR 3.30 millions and 4.45 millions. The IB Caro management forecasts for 2011 an increase of 25% towards last year, the projected turnover being of 5.5 millions euro. Nowadays, the company has three offices in the country (Bucuresti, Constanta si Timisoara) with 24 employees.

IB Cargo is the first freight forwarding in Romania which announces discounts to any type of cargo

IB Cargo is the first freight forwarding in Romania that announces discounts at any type of marchandise transport for all the orders recieved untill Saturday, the 29th of November, on Black Friday. The freight forwarding will offer to its clients discounts varying from the transport’s value to free payments for operations and custom clearances.

“Because we know that winter holidays bring a crowded period and because we want to help companies to offer small prices and on time deliveries, on Saturday, the 29th of November, we will offer discounts at all types of marchandise transport: air, maritime groupages and full container, national and international roads and also discounts for local labour conscription and custom clearances”, says Cătălin Putineanu, director manager of IB Cargo.

IB Cargo is a freight forwarding with work points in Bucharest and Costanta, which has been activating on the Romanian market since 2008. The operational activity of IB Cargo is sustained by an wide network of agents in 126 countries and 716 locations all around the world, so it can offer transport services from any point to any destination in the world. No matter if we’re speaking about the automobilistic industry, equipments, textils, FMCG, special equipments, IB Cargo disposes of the necessary expertise that transforms any type of project into full succes, no matter of the geographical and cultural particularities of its clients.

IB Cargo announces the partnership with Damco in Romania

Damco, part of the A.P Moller- Maersk Group, is one of the global leaders who offers for over 100 years transport services and logistic solutions in the entire world. Damco has more than 11.000 employees, in more than 300 offices from 90 countries, and it also detains representations in other 30 countries. In 2012 it has recorded a turnover of 3.3 billions USD. It has transported 2.7 millions TEU by sea and over 210.000 tones by air.
Starting with January 2014, the Damco operations are being represented for its clients in Romania, or for the clients whose marchandise transit in our country by IB Cargo. IB Cargo takes over the activities regarding: loading, unloading, documentation, custom clearances, transport and buyers’s consolidation for the Danish group’s clients.

“The partnership with Damco delights and honours us at the same time, because it represents an aknowledgment of team’s IB Cargo profesionalism. On this occasion, IB Cargo will offer more trustworthy options to its clients, being able to easily serve the interest locations for these ones” , has declared Cătălin Putineanu, general director of IB Cargo.

About IB Cargo

IB Cargo is an independent freight forwarding which offers complete transport services of marchandises by air, sea or road, and logistic servicies all around the world since 2008. With 40 employees located in 3 offices in Bucharest, Otopeni, Constanta and with partners from 950 commercial locations on the Globe, IB Cargo delivers full and complex solutions for any type of cargo.

Maritime groupages directly from Qingdao

IB Cargo SRL, the freight forwarding which offers complete transport services: air, sea, or road travel anywhere in the world, for any type of cargo, has launched the directly and weekly services of maritime groupages from Qingdao, China to Constanta.

Qingdao, one of the most important cities and maritime ports in the Northern China, also known as “The City of Famous Brands”, has developed economically in the last 5 years through the famous brands that relocated their production in this area. Qingdao is orientated to production and also to services. Besides the electronics and the apparatus, Qingdago also contains the the textile, rubber, steal, motor vehicle, construction of ships containers, and FMCG industries.

Over 100 brands from the top 500 international companies have the production line in the Qingdao area: Nike, Coca-Cola, Samsung, HP, Lucent, Hyundai, Panasonic, Nescafe, Wal-Mart, Gome, Sanlian, The Home World, Haier, Hisense, Tsingtao Beer, Double Star, Qingdao Harbor. By being a booming market, more and more producers and importers have started to serve from this area.

In order to answer its clients’s needs, IB Cargo has launched the directly and weekly maritime groupage from Qingdao to Constanta, or by going directly to its clients’s door, shorting in this way the tranzit time and reducing the costs.

The merchandises are delivered every monday untill 12:00, in the Qingdao terminal; the departures are scheduled on Thursdays, the arrival in Constanta is scheduled on Saturday, and on Tuesday the merchandises reach the client’s door.

“With this directly and weekly maritime groupage service in Qingdao, we have managed to answer our clients’s needs , who were importing more than one container, optimizing in this way the transports from the Northern China. As we have accustomed our clients to, we are flexible and we create together solutions where there is none to be found. This service has already been tested and it functions properly, adding to this the existing ones that we are operating from Ningbo, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore”, has declared Adrian Vărnăluță, the maritime groupage department’s director of IB Cargo.


We deliver the merchandises within hours with the OBC service

IB Cargo SRL, the freight forwarding which offers complete air, sea and road transport services, delivers the clients’s merchandises from and to any destination in the world within few hours, through the “On board courier” service, also known as “Hand Carry”.

Ib Cargo SRL, the freight forwarding which offers complete air, sea and road transport services, delivers the clients’ merchandises from and to any destination in the world within few hours, through the “On board courier” service, also known as “Hand Carry”.

The team dedicated to the OBC service of IB Cargo answers to its clients requested offers in a maximum of 30 minutes, no matter the hour or the day, and takes care of the entire flow, from collecting to delivering to the desired destination, including special rapping, the payment of duty, import/export documents.

Many companies are in need of a very urgent delivery and don’t have enough marchandise to fill an entire charter. One of our clients, from the automobilistic industry, had a broken line component product, weigthing some grammes. They have reached out our “on board courier” services and in only 20 hours they have recieved the component directly from Seul, has declared the air transport department’s director, Alexandru Licu.

Any industry can reach out this very urgent transport service: automobilistic, fashion, aviation, hi-tech and electronics, petrol, gas, energy, entertainment, pharmaceuticals.

Benefits of the OBC service:

  • The dedicated team is ready to deliver the clients’s merchandise at any time of the year to any destination in the world.
  • The tendering of the requested quotas completes in maximum 30 minutes no matter the period.
  • Once the offer is agreable, the merchandise leaves on the board of the next flight.
  • The updates regarding the marchandise’s condition are sent to the clients from the moment of boarding till the real time delivery.
  • The documentation and the custom clearances are realized through the emergency pick-up. The taking-over procedure and the delivery are made door to door.
  • The courier who travels with the marchandise supervises it for the entire duration of the transport.

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Freight Forwarding Discounts on Black Friday

IB Cargo, the first freight forwarding in Romania that organized Black Friday in 2013, has anounced that also this year, on the last Friday of November, it will offer discounts for all the types of merchandise transport that have confirmed orders till the 28th of November.

The freight forwarding will offer to its clients discounts ,varying from the transport’s cost to freewares for operations and custom clearances.

Every business has its specific, it confronts with its problems, and requires its know-how. In order to let our clients do what they know best, we free our clients’s mind of the transport’s burden and we take care of all the formailties, no matter if it’s air, sea, road or multimodal transport.

We are at all seasons next to our clients, and where there is no solution we will invent one together. This is how the Black Friday tradition was also born.

“It is a crowded period, when companies need on time deliveries, safe and competitive, and we come to greet them with the 28th of November’s sales”, has declared Cătălin Putineanu, general director if IB Cargo.


IB Cargo is an independent freight forwarding company with valuable expertise in sea, air and road freight. Call us now at +40 21 528 1300 to benefit from our cost effective solutions.